The Casino murder case

DATA 19/01/2017
AUTORE S. S. Van Dine
ISBN 9788826466569

Descrizione libro

It was in the cold bleak autumn following the spectacular Dragon murder case[1] that Philo Vance was confronted with what was probably the subtlest and most diabolical criminal problem of his career. Unlike his other cases, this mystery was one of poisoning. But it was not an ordinary poisoning case: it involved far too clever a technique, and was thought out to far too many decimal points, to be ranked with even such famous crimes as the Cordelia Botkin, Molineux, Maybrick, Buchanan, Bowers and Carlyle Harris cases. The designation given to it by the newspapers-namely, the Casino murder case-was technically a misnomer, although Kinkaid's famous gambling Casino in West 73rd Street played a large part in it. In fact, the first sinister episode in this notorious crime actually occurred beside the high-stake roulette table in the "Gold Room" of the Casino; and the final episode of the tragedy was enacted in Kinkaid's walnut-paneled Jacobean office, just off the main gambling salon.

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...lind Russell. After socialite Lynn Llewwllen receives an anonymous threat, he is ... The Casino Murder Case is a 1935 American mystery film starring Paul Lukas and Alison Skipworth. It was directed by Edwin L. Marin from a screenplay by Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by S. S. Van Dine. It was the ninth film in the Philo Vance film series. The Casino Murder Case is a 1934 novel written by S. S. Van Dine in the series about fictional detective Philo Vance. In this outing, a murder investigation is connected with a private casino on New York's Upper West Side, and the wealthy and unorthodox family that operates it. It was adapted into a film in 1935. "The casino murder case" è un romanzo decisamente minore dell'autore. Sebbene la trama sia intrigante e lo stile molto scorrevole, il libro difetta di indizi. Philo Vance, una volta tanto, non ha prove e basa le sue deduzioni sull'intuizione, per cui alla fine si tratta più di un giallo psic...